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Raghuveer Singh

9/12, Lal Bazar, @nd Floor, f-24A,
Mercantile Building, Calcutta - 1


To work on a challenging job profile which provides an opportunity to enhance my technical skills and knowledge, this could provide me an insight into new aspects so that it would be helpful for my career.


v  Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Centurion Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 2008-2012.(CGPA-7.12)

v  Completed 12thScience (CHSE) in 2005-2007 batch from Kanas College    Puri.(PERCENTAGE-48%)
v  Completed 10th(HSC) in 2005 from B.M. High School Old Town, Bhubaneswar.(PERCENTAGE-68%)

Technical Profile

Language                                  :        C, C++, JAVA-Programming,.Net Technology
Operating System                    :        Windows 2000/XP/windows7 & Linux
Application package & tool    :        Ms Office and front page
Web Technologies                    :        HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, ASP .NET             


v  Work with positive attitude to contribute the healthy functioning of the organization.
v  Self-Confident and Great Patience.
v  Analyzing every angle of a project before working on it.
v  Willingness to Learn.
v  Adaptability to change environment.

Academic Project

Final Year B.Tech Project :

Project Title                :          “WEB-BASED STUDENT ALUMNI SYSTEM OF CIT
Team Size                   :          6

This is a web-site where the alumni (final year and pass-out students) will stay connected. They can create, update and manipulate their own profile and can post their ideas, views and thoughts. The Web Accessible Alumni Database of CIT is designed to run on the departmental server and to allow alums to fill out a survey form, create a new database entry, update an existing database entry, or contact another alum. 

Work Experience

v   Six month training on .Net Technology at IDCOL SOFTWARE LTD.
v  Also Working on Live Project based on Employee Management System.
v  Where a employee can register himself as well as check all his detail.

Personal details

Date of Birth                      :                  16th January, 1987
Nationality                             :                       Indian
Gender                                   :                       Male
Father’s Name                       :                       Gajodhar Singh
Languages known                 :                       English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali
Hobbies                                   :                      Listen Music, Playing Cricket
Marital Status                :                   Married


                          I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Kolkata                                                        

Date:                                                                                     RAGHUVEER SINGH


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ما در فروشگاه استوت، تنوع بالایی از محصولات با کیفیت و قیمت مناسب رو ارائه می دهیم و به شما این اطمینان رو می دهیم که می تونید بهترین انتخاب رو برای نیازهای خودتون داشته باشید.
اسباب بازی کودک و نوزاد
خانه و آشپزخانه
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