RESUME SAMPLE FOR Manager (Q.C.& Lab.) having 21 years Experiance

Rajesh Singh
S/o – U.N. Singh
Salary Drawn : 31000.0 Per Month + HRA
Expected Salary : Negotiable
Experience: Above 20 yrs
DOB: 28 Nov, 1971                                      
Male, Married, Indian                                    


# B.Sc ( Phy. Chem. & Maths) from University of Rajasthan in year 1991.
# Passed University Certificate program in Lab Techniques (CPLT) from IGNOU, New Delhi.
# One Year Course in Data Preparation & computer software from Govt.Institute in Year 1992 With 1st Div.
Project Handled:

# Working Experience  in BIS & ISO (9001,14001,18001) certifications,  performed for different products like Laminates(All Types HPL), Particle Board & MDF Board,U.V.Coated Boards,Gradation and Inspections (Plain and PreLaminated), Plywood, at Greenply Industries Ltd.,  Shirdi Industries Ltd ,Merino Panels Products Ltd.,Metro Decorative Pvt Ltd.,Paras Laminates (P) Ltd.,Durian Laminates(Ahd.), Regalia Laminates Ltd.(HP) & Archidply industries ltd.
# Successfully commissioned Lab Equipments like UTM Machine & Electric Strength Testing Apparatus.
# Success fully commissioned All Types of Testing Apparatus and Q.C. Labs sett up related to above all finish products (PPB, MDF Board, Lamination, HPL-Decorative & Industrial, and Plywood).  
Achievements and Strength Areas:
# Improve the best quality of Patical Board, MDF Board, PreLaminated Boards, Laminates, Plywood & Veneers Production & its Q.C.Procedures:              
Ø  Resolve the Abrasion Resistance problem of Different types of Products.
Ø  Resolve the delamination, high water absorption & thickness swelling in different types of products.
Ø  Conditioning of PPB Boards, MDF, HPL-Decorative & Industrial, Laminated Boards, Veneers, Design Paper and Tissue Papers.
Ø  Resolve the LowDensity, Low Internal Bond and MOR, Elasticity.
Ø  Resolve the Moisture content, Screw Withdrawal Strength and Surface Strength of Products.
Ø  Resolve the Scratch Resistance, Steam Resistance, and Cigarette Burn Resistance & Stain Resistance of Products.
Ø  Resolve the thickness ,squareness,straightness,patchyness,Chatter Marks,Bloodthrough,Watermarks,Black & Foreign Particles, Design Torn,CoreImpression,Underthickness,Chipping,Cracks,Under Curing, Shade Variation  ,Bubbles,Sticking,Hardness,Fracture,Back & Front Warpage,Waveness,Colourfade & Pasting Problem.

Ø  Resolve the Q.C.Procedures and Inspection according to BIS, ISO, IGBC, NEMA, and BS & FSC NORMS.
Ø  Achieved the certification Licenses of BIS, ISO, IGBC & FSC-SGS.
Ø  Resolve the Q.C.Procedures of Resins, Raw Materials-Paper, Timber& Chemicals, Finished Products,Pressing,Sieve Analysis - Fibres,Flakes,Chips ,Boiler and Cooling Tower Water,ETP/STP Pl;ants,R/C,V/C,Flow of Designs ,Kraft and Tissue Papers,Wall Reports of PPB,MDF Boards,Flooring Grade Products , Calibrations of Laboratory and Plant Machinery
Ø  Good working experience in Particle Board,MDF Board, Prelamination,Furniture,Laminates-Decorative & Industrial,Veneer & Plywood Plants.
Ø  Knowledge of All kinds of Raw Materials & Chemicals,Plant Machinery,Air & Pollution Control,Disposal of waste,Health and Safety Equipments,ETP/STP Plants,Technical Literature of Various types of Products,Flow Charts,Resin Formulations,Press Cycles,Treating Parameter (Impreg.),Water Analysis Conduct., COD,BOD,TSS,TDS,HARDNESS,pH.
Ø  Knowledge of Free Formaldehyde Content(FFC) Test of PPB,MDF,PLP & PLM Boards.
Technical Skills:     I have worked on:
Ø   Universal Testing Machine,ZWICK Mechine,Scratch testing Equipment.
Ø  Abrassion Machine,Impact Tester(Small & Large Diameter Ball).
Ø  Insulation Testing Apparatus,Formability Tester,Humidity Chamber,Cigarette Burn.
Ø  Dimentional Stability ,Free Formaldehyde Testing Apparatus,Distilled Water Plant.
Ø  Compression Strength,Shear Strength,Punching Tester,Resistan to Crazing Apparatus,Flexural Strength,Flexural Modulus,Tensile Strength,Moisture meter , Lux Meter, Peel Strength, Densometer, Penetrometer, Refractometer.

Presently working with Balaji Action BuldWell, Sitarganj ,UK as  Dy.Manager – Q.C. Working Experience inShirdi Ind. Ltd.-4 Years. Also worked in 
GREEN PLY IND.LTD.,Metro Partical Board H.P. & Other Industries

Total working experience- Above 20 Years.


Balaji Action BuldWell is a Global leader in Particle Board,MDF Board, Flooring,  Furniture, & PreLaminated Board manufacturing.


§  Responsible for Total Quality Control & Assurance Function.
§  Responsible for BIS Certification,ISO Audit,IGBC & FSC Certification.

v         Worked with Green Ply Industries Ltd. for 10 Years.
v         Worked with Shirdi Ind. Ltd , , Merino Panels Products Ltd., Paras Laminates Pvt. Ltd.,
Durian Laminates-Ahmd,Archidply Ind.Ltd & Metro Decorative Pvt. Ltd. for 10 Years.


# Proficiencly using computer and work on Microsoft office XP, and new software’s.

DESIRABLE POST:  . Manager(Q.C.& Lab.)/Suitable Post.


# Hard working.        # Learning Attitude.       # Positive   and initiative.

Place :                                                                                  

Date  :                                                                                                 (RAJESH  SINGH)     


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