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Jia Saha
Contact No. +913322582267
Mobil No.  +919433329552
Mail ID:
9/12, Lal bazaar Street, 2ndFloor, Block “Q”, Kolkata 700001

Career Objective & Goal-

I want to work in a such an organization which is professionally managed, target oriented and reputed where team work and target meeting will be properly evaluated and appreciated along with proper recognition of inherent talent of the person, which will be helped for further development.

Work Experience:

February 2014 – Present (4 months)Singapore
I am investigating the problem of application of bandwidth map modeling.

December 2013 – January 2014 (2 months)Singapore
Project: Mobile Traffic Modeling and Analysis for Bandwidth Hungry Applications. We have collected a number of bandwidth measurements in different locations around Singapore. My job was to build a model that describes the network bandwidth availability across Singapore with respect to location and time.

September 2013 – November 2013 (3 months)Singapore
I worked on the CDAS project. CDAS is a Crowdsourcing Data Analytics System that has been designed to improve the quality of query results and effectively reduce the processing cost at the same
time. My role is mainly on frontend design and implementation using Ruby on Rails.

August 2012 – August 2013 (1 year 1 month)Singapore
I mainly focused on designing and constructing mobile video streaming system. I developed a smartphone application to gather network information and relate it to a certain location given by the GPS. These data are uploaded and recorded in a server. Mobile devices that stream video can send queries to the server in order to better predict the near-future bandwidth availability and plan quality adaptations accordingly.

August 2008 – 2013 (5 years)Singapore
As a Ph.D. student in computer science, I have devoted myself to the multimedia and network area, especially sensor-rich video management for 5 years. My research includes energy-efficient mobile video management, sensor-rich video exploration and user-generated video presentation.

Software Engineer (C/C++)
IT R&D Engineer
Research Scientist

My research interests are in the areas of georeferenced video search, streaming media architectures, and mobile location-based services.

C++,  C,  Machine Learning,  Computer Science,  Mobile Device,  Algorithms, LaTex,  Arithmetic,  Research,  Python,  Networking,  Data Mining,  Mat lab,  Java, Programming,  Software Engineering,  Computer Vision. 


Energy-Efficient Mobile Video Management using Smartphones

ACM Multimedia Systems Conference

Keyframe Presentation for Browsing of User-generated Videos on Map Interface

ACM International Conference on Multimedia

Sensor-rich Video Exploration on a Map Interface

ACM International Conference on Multimedia

GTube: Geo-Predictive Video Streaming over HTTP in Mobile Environments

ACM Multimedia Systems Conference

Honors & Awards
Graduate Scholarship
National University of Singapore
August 2008
ACM-W Scholarship
Merit Award in the mYprize Global Developer Challenge
YTL Communications


Apparatus, System, and Method for Annotation of Media Files with Sensor Data(Link) - United States PCT/SG2012/00005

Apparatus, System, and Method for Annotation of Media Files with Sensor Data(Link) - United States PCT/SG2012/000051

Apparatus, System, and Method for Annotation of Media Files with Sensor Data(Link) - United States PCT/SG2012/000051


National University of Singapore

Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
2008 – 2013

Harbin Institute of Technology

B.S., Computer Science
2004 – 2008

Swimming, Singing, Music, Cricket, Movie

Personal Details
Father’s Name                                     : Mr Prabodh Chandra Saha
Date of Birth                                        : 2ndJanuary,1983.
Gender                                                : Female
Marital Status                                      : Single
Strength                                              :Hard Working,Ambitious,Passionate towards career  


Ready to accept any challenging assignment confidently and I can get accustomed with any new situation, in very short period.

I affirm, that the information furnished above are true upto the best of my knowledge.

Date:                                                                                                                     Jia Saha

Place:Kolkata                                                                                   ------------------------------------


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