How to Write a Cover Letter

Hi Manager HR,

I am writing to you, as an experienced Human Capital Management professional with over 15 years experience in all aspects of HCM management, with excellent people skills and sound business judgement, I am now seeking a new opportunity for personal, professional change and growth.

Currently based out of Hyderabad and with this email I wish to highlight and bring your attention to my candidature. My background includes:

  Spearheaded domestic and international talent management and HCM strategies in line with the business plan and experience contour across multi-industries - Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality, Consulting, IT/High Technology/Telecom Software.
  Responsible for competency and career management framework across 11 locations worldwide.
  Providing exceptional HR service delivery at all times; thought leadership in HR and operational interventions and including managing 4 acquisition integration and 1 divestiture.
  An effective benevolent leader and team member ensuring that key stakeholders expectations are met and managed by constantly emphasizing on interpersonal skills, creative and innovative thinking.

With the HCM management background experience I have gained, I am now ready to move into a challenging new position and will bring experience, energy and ambition to the role.

I am keen to to discuss my background in greater detail with you.Do let me know when that's convenient to you. 

I am best reachable on email.

Sona Mona
+91 8121 68368
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Jaxon Oakley
March 14, 2017 at 2:30 PM delete

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